The Industry's Direction: My Discussion with Paperclipping Round Table

Today I recorded my first ever discussion with Paperclipping Round Table. You can listen in HERE.

There are a couple of points we make in the discussion:

* How the CHA tradeshow has changed over the years. (Did you know they used to cover all the products with sheets and didn't reveal it until the first hour of the show? No sneak peeks allowed!)
* Why manufacturers often delineate between girl and boy lines. (Do you how much influence you have as a buyer?)
* That the Instagram focus may have been both a hit and a miss. (Based on teenagers consumption of items, and how they share their moments and memories.)
* How educational offerings and manufacturers can come together to help the industry stay healthy. (Moving from hoarding to creating.)

Please note these are simply opinions and aimed at opening a line of discussion. You can post any comments or additional questions HERE in the actual discussion. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the topics we discussed today.

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  1. I started listening, but have to pick up the boy from school, so have to leave.. but I thought that WRMK makes an 8.5x11 album for those that are looking. I was scouring their site to find my albums because Archiver's is closing and I can't buy them there anymore. I usually buy 12x12, but I thought I saw 8.5x11.


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