Jan"YOU"ary: Sometimes It Really Is All About You!

I received the most charming little sales booklet in the mail from Michael's Arts and Crafts this month. I'm totally a sucker for pretty catalogs. I sometimes think that by looking through the catalog that my home will be instantly transformed into something lovely like the rooms displayed throughout the book. It's not true of course. I haven't developed magic powers (yet), but I keep hoping.

What caught my eye (besides the pretty pops of the new Pantone color of the year throughout the catalog) was the title "JanYOUary" on the cover. I LOVE that idea. An entire month dedicated to me! A girl could get used to that idea.

Thumbing through the catalog, Michael's shared a few quips on everything from how the color blue can affect you to how getting organized can decrease your stress. It was a clever marketing tool, but I also got a little something more out of the catalog. It made me start thinking about what a month of ME would look like.

If YOU had an entire month dedicated to you, how would you spend it? Would it be on an exotic vacation to the tropics (I think my husband would choose this)? Or would it be a month of house renovations? Or would it be something simple and relaxing?

For me it would likely involve: reading, napping (that sounds so heavenly), a BBC Austen retelling movie marathon, and lots and lots of salsa (I have a slight salsa addiction).

But the one thing I'd REALLY love to do most is to make memories with my kids. Some of my most cherished memories are when we're just sitting together talking. Or when we're laughing about a family event gone wrong. Those are the moments I cherish most. And that is how I would most want to spend a month: a month of moments and memories together! Just thinking about it makes me happy. And really I can have that any time if I just look up from the computer, or save the dishes for later, or simply embrace the moment. Those moments happen every day. It's learning to recognize them and enjoy them that's sometimes the most difficult thing to do.

So how about you? How would you spend an entire month if it were all about you? What would "JanYOUary" look like to you?


  1. I like this idea...and I'd probably opt to spend it alone on a beach with a stack of books. pure joy.

  2. Definitely reading, napping, and dancing with friends.

  3. If it was all about me, I would spend it traveling sprinkled with reading & crafting.


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