Thank You for Your Generous Hearts

I just wanted to take a minute and thank those of you that have read about Tara Pakosta's family. I have been touched by those who have taken a moment to donate to this special family's needs. Thank you to each one of you who have added your prayers and positive thoughts this holiday season.

For those of you that don't yet know about this amazing family, Tara's husband is facing a terminal brain tumor. This family could use all the help they can get to help through this difficult time, and a few friends and I have chosen to try to help financially.

Consider donating HERE!

We have just a few more days to give and we're only half way there. Please consider including this family in your holiday giving this season!


As a thank you for donating, I'm offering two special gifts to two people who take the time to donate. If you are an international giver, simply send me a message via email ( with your name, your 2Peas Peaname, state that you are INTERNATIONAL, and the name under which you donated. I receive confirmation for each donation given and can confirm that you have donated. I will enter you into a drawing for the following:

$50 2Peas Gift Certificate

For the US givers, I will send ONE person a mystery box FILLED with scrapbooking goodies. This will be worth well over $50 retail and all items will be unopened and new. Again, simply send me a message via email ( with your name, address, and the name under which you donated. Again, I will confirm all donations. I will enter each US giver into a drawing for the mystery box according to the deadline below.

To be entered into either drawing, please make your donations by Sunday, December 22nd at midnight MDT (Mountain Daylight Time). Emails should be sent to me by this date to qualify for the drawing. Winners of the Gift Certificate and Mystery Box will be posted here on my blog on Monday, December 23rd. The Gift Certificate will be awarded the week of December 23rd and the mystery box shipped out during the same week.

Thank you so much for considering donating to this beautiful family!

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  1. I saw that request now. I do not know how to help. I live in Brazil. Much money I need to turn in half a dollar. The difference is very large. However, I could help with the credit card but do not know how.
    I am currently helping with prayers. GOD that we can all believe.


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