Tales of a Tract Home: The Fruits of Our Labors

I shared with you our first ever successful gardening attempt earlier this year in this blog post HERE. When we first decided to create garden boxes for our garden, I wasn't sure how well they would work. I can tell you right now  that I will never go back to a large garden again. While my husband predominantly played Farmer Joe this summer, I also enjoyed the fruits of our labors as well.

Weeding involved a few little sprouts each week. The tomatoes went a little crazy (note to self: build a taller, stronger stucture next year). The potatoes do NOT like additional fertilizer, and we still have carrots and strawberries growing away in their boxes despite the frost and freezes we've had already this fall season.

It's been amazing to watch our garden grow, and it's been even more wonderful to actually eat the bounty from our garden.

This year our garden contained: herbs, strawberries, potatoes, tomatoes (cherry and Big Boy). We also tried green peppers, red peppers, banana peppers, and hot chili peppers. We also grew pumpkins (small and jack-o-lantern), zucchini, squash, carrots, and onions. And except for the potatoes which only gave us about 5 quarter- sized vegetables, everything seemed to thrive.

James was particularly proud of his pumpkin harvest this year. While Brett enjoyed delivering excess vegetables to friends and neighbors. Just call us the local Farmers Market.

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  1. Your garden looks fabulous! We have been doing a garden the last 4 yrs I think. Pumpkins every year. I haven't bought them at the pumpkin patch in awhile now. This year we had 4 big ones. I had SO many cukes and onions, it was ridiculous. We grew corn, peppers, tomatoes (canned those), strawberries and raspberries. If we could get the bugs and birds to quit eating our berries... We had some critter eating our tomatoes and peppers too. We planted two different blueberry bushes this year. Hopefully we will get plenty of berries in the years to come (if we can keep all critters away).

  2. Yum, blueberries sound delicious. My husband loves those.

  3. Wow that was very healthy treat both for my eyes and body. Superb agriculture :-)

  4. That was a very interesting write-up. Please keep sharing more. I will be following your blog.


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