Product Focus #34: Washi Tape Scrapbooking Products

From time-to-time I'll focus on a particular paper crafting tool or product type that I'm loving at the moment. I share a few of the products that I love and ways I like to use them in a special blog post, and then I'll share a few samples of how I (or some of my favorite designers) have used them as well.

If you haven't yet joined the Washi Tape Band Wagon, I'm warning you right now that I'm going to "talk you into it." Washi tape is such a fun and easy embellishment to add your page. But it has several functional duties as well. I've used it as adhesive to hold items in place while I stamp, die cut, and place items temporarily on my layout. It looks great. Comes in a variety of sizes and styles and works just like regular tape but looks like an embellishment.

Washi tape is everywhere. But here are a few of my favorite picks from the 2Peas store. If you want to find the latest selection at 2Peas simply search by "TAPE" in the store search engine:

Here are some samples of how I've used washi tape on my projects:

Idea #1: As a border across the page.

(Source: Two Peas)

Idea #2: As a pennant or banner in a set of pennants.

Idea #3:To Point Towards Another Embellishment or Title on your Layout.

(Source: Two Peas)

So how have you used washi tape? Do you buy in bulk and share with friends in a "Washi Tape Exchange." Do you use it for gift wrapping presents or for mailing your handmade cards. Are you using it functionally or decoratively? I'd love to hear your best ideas for Washi Tape in the comments section below. I'm sure I'm going to learn a trick or two.


  1. I just finished a layout using a lot of washi tape. I added several strips of it all the way across the page and then put my pictures and embellishments on top. Really turned out cute - I love washi tape!

  2. I take a small piece and adhere to the front of my credit card and put the open balance on it to remind me how much I've spent! I also use it on cards and pages and deco for the grands!

  3. i love washi .i use it functionally and for decoratively


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