Pinner's Conference: Or An Excuse to Play

I was so excited when I heard about the "Pinner's Conference" in my neck of the woods. I can't remember the last time I was able to walk a show or take a class, and I really needed to get my creative on. Hosted at the South Towne Expo Center in Sandy, Utah, this conference included booths ranging from cooking supplies, to scrapbook paper, to boutiques, to jewelry. There really was something for everyone; and even though the show wasn't particularly large, I felt like I got (and spent) my money's worth.

I took three classes while I was there. The first was a Junque album taught by the ever-amazing Kristine McKay from My Craft Channel. Have you check out "My Craft Channel's" website HERE? They offer daily tutorial videos from popular crafters and bloggers. Their shows are quite amazing. They also sell amazing crafting kits and really great prices. Here's a peek at the album kit we were given for just over $30:

Kristine shared a few techniques and then set us free to create our own album:

The class was only an hour and you know I need more time than that to play, so I have plans to finish up and share the completed album here on my blog. Here's a little peek at how it's looking so far:

The next class I took was from the fabulous Heidi Swapp. I think this is the first class I've ever taken with Heidi. I've been in a class with Heidi, but at the time she wasn't the teacher as we were taking a Copic Certification class together. Heidi is a very dynamic teacher and enthusiastic about what she creates and what she offers. In this class we got to play with the Color Shine papers and mists in this $20 kit:

While I own some of her mists, I hadn't really ever played with her paper products that match. Ok, this class blew me away with the fun of it all. I haven't really gotten into misting much (as I'm sure you've noticed from my projects), but this class may have convinced me to take the plunge. Here's what the Heidi Swapp spray mist does to her papers and embellishments:

Lovely, right? I walked straight over to her booth and bought Tinsel, Mint Green, Coral, and Seafoam because I loved them all so much. I see a tutorial project video in my future so stay tuned:

The third class I took were from the fabulous Lindsay Moore and Jayme Shepherd from the new company "Hazel & Ruby." We got to play with their brand new stencils and create Christmas ornaments. This class was FREE!

These are not your mama's stencils, people. They are soft, pliable polymer alphabet and element shapes that you peel from the plastic backing. They easily stick firmly and completely to your project while you paint, mist, etc. Then they peel off and can be wiped clean with a baby wipe. It totally blew me away. Think of all the fun projects you could make with these:

(Source: Hazel & Ruby)

I'm really excited to see what Jayme and Lindsay continue to come up with. They are both super creative people and one's to watch. Check out their website HERE.

When I wasn't taking classes, I walked the show. My sister Sandy came down for a few hours, and that was heaven since we rarely get to see one another. It was so fun to run into old colleagues like Stephanie Barnard from "The Stamps of Life" who makes the most charming stamps and matching die cuts. Here's a peek at the incredible displays in the Die Cuts with a View booth. I got some specialty pads there including adhesive cork and adhesive fabric paper for die cut and art projects:

I stopped by the Stampin' Up booth for a make-and-take. I can't even remember the last time I got to do a make-and take, and I do love Stampin' Up:

And then I just shopped until my rather impractical high heeled shoes began to hurt my feet. Some of the other booths I enjoyed were the Paparazzi booth where every piece of jewelry was just $5. I'm in love with the new Close to My Heart product lines. I snagged myself a catalog and created a card in their booth as well. I also got a few things that will remain secret as they are holiday gifts for family and friends who may just be reading this blog post. (No peeking!)

Did you know that you can request an event like this in your area? Simply visit the Pinners Conference website HERE. Just think of all the bloggers and teachers you could meet (not to mention the shopping). I really enjoyed myself; and although I had planned to return again on Saturday, I think my wallet and my feet needed a break.

Sometimes a girl just needs to feel pampered and have some fun. And this was exactly what I needed. Be sure to check out this conference if it makes an appearance in your neck of the woods!


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun!! Didn't you do videos with Kristine for Northridge or something back when? Watching Heidi is a lot of fun. I saw her at her booth three yrs ago at Scrapfest at the MOA. Same with Lindsay. He was still with Cosmo Cricket then, so Julie was there too. The two together were hilarious.

  2. Michelle, I did film with Northridge and Kristine. And you're right. Lindsay is hilarious.

  3. Soooo jealous!!!!

  4. JLBOhio3:38 PM

    That sounds like so much fun! I'm glad that you got to go and enjoy yourself a bit! Can't wait to see what you do with your new goodies!

  5. Christina H.6:09 PM

    Sounds Amazing and so much fun!!! Love all the stuff you found!!!


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