Tales of a Tract Home: Model Home Field Trip

On Friday a few friends and I went to check out some model homes as part of the Parade of Homes in a nearby area. It was a free event in the Daybreak community outside of Salt Lake City, and we wanted to get some inspiration for our own home makeovers. The Daybreak community is well-known here for its innovative community approach and charming houses so we were completely curious about what would we see, and I was not disappointed.

We discovered charming features like painted interior doors:

Bold front door color choices:

Green was a trending color in a few homes:

Homes with balconies or look-outs on the second floor:

Vertical fireplace tile (which matched their horizontal backsplash tile):

Great curated vignettes:

Awesome mixes of texture and color:

The only challenge with a field trip like this is not coming home depressed that your own home hasn't been professionally decorated. But I feel like I'm on the right path for getting my house to the style that I like and want, and that makes me happy. I got loads of ideas from this field trip. In general, they kept things really simple and concentrated on good trim and flooring, the right color choices, and nicer but builder grade finishes (which surprised me, but it worked). It made me realize little touches can make a space feel special and once you get the "bones" of your house right, you can make it your own with some fun decorating choices.

Now to finish conquering another room in our home like painting our master bedroom. (The hubster is so excited.)


  1. Oh Jen, I am a Parade of Home junkie!! I have been hopping the Parade of Homes literally for the last 23 yrs. My father used to build homes in the Twin Cities and have a house in the parade. He didn't build very many each year. But it was good because the quality was there. If he would of built my house, the issues I have I wouldn't be having (framing, windows, heating). That being said, he doesn't even live up here anymore and hasn't for 16 yrs. But, I still love going through them each spring and fall (so do my kids). A plethora of ideas. And like you, I try not to get too depressed. LOL Since we have gotten a few more things done, I really don't so much anymore. I like how uncluttered models are. A neighbor and I were talking about how we need to move out and move back into our house to get rid of all the clutter. LOL

  2. I have a dream of owning a house with an orange front door! Love the photos!

  3. I love that orange door! I wish I could be brave enough to try some bolder colors in my house!

  4. Donna Q2:16 PM

    I love to tour homes like this. One time I got to tour 3 one million dollar homes in the Woodlands down by Houston. They were awesome!! Thanks for sharing these with us.

  5. Fab!!! love that they aren't afraid of color!


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