Me, Myself, and My Style

Hey guys! Due to this evil cold and the fact that my little man has it now too there will not be a new "Memories Made" video this week. Thanks so much for understanding. Instead I thought I'd share a 2Peas Blog Post from yesterday that features my design style. It's always fun to see how others interpret your style, and I think they nailed it:

Jen Gallacher gives us the inside scoop on what products catch her eye.  Here's a peek at how she puts her favorites to use:
Browse Jen's favorites here, take one of her workshops, or see more of her work here and on her blog!

(Reblogged from this 2Peas blog post HERE!)

If you had to describe your personal style, what words would you use: Sophisticated, Artistic, Playful, Primary Colors, Soft, Muted Colors, etc.?


  1. Well, that is a bummer that James now has your cold. I hope it is gone soon and you both are feeling better. Don't want to start the school year sick.
    I love your style of scrapbooking.

  2. Hope you and James feel better soon!
    I don't know how to define my style ;-)
    I am all over the place. Sometimes I am clean and graphic. Others vintage and shabby. I guess it depends on what pics I am scrapping.


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