Tales of a Tract Home: Cottage Luxe Master Bedroom Makeover

I warned my husband. I told him it would happened. I knew that it would. And it did! As soon as I got my Living Room all finished up, I knew that I would want to move onto another room. I thought it would be our family, dining, kitchen combination; but it's such a big project and I just couldn't wait until we had some time to discuss how to update that area of the house. So somewhere in the back of my mind, my inner designer started dreaming.

I think it got stronger this week with all the post-CHA (Craft & Hobby Association) stress settling in. I knew I needed an outing to preserve my sanity so I took a few hours and visited some of my favorite haunts. I do NOT suggest doing this when you're in need of a change. Ignore that little itch in the back of your head telling to you to head to Target if you're not quite ready to embrace change. Because once you step inside those sliding glass doors, it's all over!

And it was.

I've been wanting to change up my tan bedroom for a while now, but it really hadn't crossed my mind to do it now. (And didn't we already have this "I need a tan intervention" conversation with my Living Room? Clearly it's reached epidemic proportions.) But I didn't want to start from scratch, and I believe in using items I already have here at home in order to save both money and time.  And I have tan bedding. So I knew that I wanted to somehow incorporate that into the new room as bedding can be an expensive change to make, and I tire quickly of bold and colorful bedspreads. So a tan foundation was my basic starting place, but that obviously needed some livening up.

I had originally wanted to do a Navy Living Room like the one below, but it was just too "in my face" for my liking. I needed something more subtle, more soothing. So back every navy (and yellow) item I had purchased went to the store. You can see my final transformation HERE in my previous Living Room update post to see the direction I eventually took.

 Source: Olio

So rather than go crazy with the blue and yellow, I brought home just one navy curtain panel which is the same panel style I selected for my living room but in a different color:

Source: Target

Once I got the panel up, I wasn't in love. Surprise, surprise. This seems to be how all my redecorating adventures begin: think I'll like something, then change my mind. Even my husband has learned to recognize the signs. We're learning not to panic when that happens, and I always start shopping at places where I can return items if I change my mind.

I let it sit for a day, and then today I took another trip back to my favorite haunts. As I browsed, I realized a vision for my room refresh was coming together. So after a few hours of pinning some of my favorite items, this is the vision board I created:

One of the things I'm going to do is spray paint the bottom of this very inexpensive Walmart nightstand with Rustoleum Metallic Gold Spray Paint like the table pictured below it. I've been wanting to bring in a little gold, and I think the master bedroom is a perfect place to "luxe it up"  in your home without going overboard.

Source: Walmart

Source: Dizana.com

I'll share more of my journey as the room comes together. I'm already feeling much more happy in the room, which is typically a good sign that I'm heading in the right direction. If you follow me on Pinterest HERE, you can see some of the items I've been pinning to my "Cottage Luxe Bedroom" board HERE. Watch for additional updates over the next month or so as we finish up this new room.


  1. I love Navy. I can't wait to see how it all comes together. I hear you on the beige/tan thing. There is some form of it in just about every room in the house. That and that light oak woodwork. Oh, if I could have white woodwork... But I live in a two story and that is ALOT of woodwork to replace or paint. So, we have decided to embrace the oak on the main and upper floor. Basement is a clean slate as it is unfinished. :) Down here, I will have white woodwork, planked ceilings (5/8" sheetrock is insanely heavy, so I talked hubby into the planked-insert happy dance), and a completely different color scheme than upstairs being it is so separated.

  2. Planked ceilings sound heavenly! LOVE that idea. :)

  3. Thanks for taking us along on the journey Jen. I am redecorating my bedroom as well and I am doing the blue and yellow but in very small doses. I have maple bedroom furniture but found a cute side table and painted it yellow. I found a great lampshade at PB ... Well what I need to do is make a board like you did and share my vision!! Looking forward to your next post and will add my idea schema (is that a word?) when I complete it. Thanks, Karen

  4. I absolutely LOVE that you share your room decorating ventures on your blog. I am too in the "refresh" stage. After 8 yrs here I need change. I had redone the bathroom 4 years ago and I just ripped off all that lovely wildflower vinyl I created with my Silhouette. I am now compiling ideas with the same colors just different decorating, I will use my Silhouette again too. A few rolls of vinyl go a long way and it really lasts.

    I am doing the same in my kitchen but I am painting that one.I am going from Red, white and black to yellow, gray and white. I can't wait to start on that one. It's so hard to pick the perfect yellow though. ;)

    I get so much inspiration to continue on by reading your ventures. Thank you so much for sharing and inspiring. This is truly one of my favorite e-mails to get every day. :)

  5. JLBOhio9:16 PM

    I loved your living room redo and it sounds like you are off to a great start with this one! We moved into our house a year and a half ago and our bedroom still doesn't feel finished. Maybe you will inspire me to finally get it dome! Have fun with your project!


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