Product Focus #26: Metallic Scrapbooking Products

Welcome to this week's Product Focus. In these weekly blog posts, I'll share scrapbooking supplies or a product trend I'm particularly drawn to, and then I'll share some ways you can use the products in several project samples. I'll discuss tips and tricks for using the products, share some of my favorite products from that product line, and then I'll open it up for any questions you might have. I'd also love to hear your reviews or uses for the product type I focus on each week. This is a chance for you to pull out products you already own and play with them or for you to discover new products you might not yet have tried. 

I always try to add some kind of texture to my layouts. In today's Product Focus post, I wanted to share how I add metallic products to my layouts whether it's a charm, or a brad, or a push pin. Metal objects can be altered with paint, which gives them an entirely new look. They are easy to work with and add that touch of texture I'm often looking for.

Here are some items I would consider when looking through your stash for metallic items.  If you don't already have items like these, consider adding some of them to your cart the next time you shop at 2Peas. You can search by "METALS" in the 2Peas store to find additional ideas.

Below you will find a gallery of projects that include metallic products.

Idea #1: Add push pins for a butterfly antennae.

Source: Northridge Media Blog

Idea #2: Add pins to any object for a touch of smooth texture.

You can watch the video for this layout HERE or below:

Idea #3: Attach paper clips to a tag.

Source: Scrapbook Trends 2011 Magazine

Additional metal techniques to consider: emboss thin metal sheets. Cover a metal object with paint and then wipe off to leave smudges of paint. Add brads to to create a washi tape border (see example #3). Do you have a favorite way to incorporate these items into your layouts? I'd love to hear how in the comments section below. 

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