June Recap: Things You Might Have Missed

I told my husband just the other day that I'm a little heartsick that the summer is a third over because I don't feel we've done anything super fun with the kids in June. My mom was the Queen of Summer Fun, and while we had plenty of chores every day, she also made sure we did things like participate in the local library's summer reading program, go swimming weekly, have slumber parties, go to town parades and carnivals and so much more.

Us? We feel like it's day after day of sitting at home pretty much doing nothing (at least for the kids--the grown ups are working). Of course we've had weekly baseball games including our Tournament which came to an abrupt end last night after playing in the 100 degree heat. We've also had lots of trips back and forth to my daughter's job at a pizza joint. And then there's all the typical errands and activities of summer. But I'm still wishing we had something fun planned for the family. I suppose we're still recovering from our two fabulous trips in April, but I'm itching to go somewhere so we plan on sitting down with our calendar and planning an event or two even if it's a "staycation" here in town.

My Fun Outing: One fun thing I did this month was to attend a Garden Soiree Party for which they had both a keynote speaker and several popular gardeners and DIY/home improvement bloggers as speakers. It was fascinating to hear their approach to making your home "yours," and I learned a lot. They served a delicious dinner, and I won this charming side table which matches my new Living Room color scheme. I can't tell you how happy it made my heart because it had been a rough and emotional week, and I really needed a "pick-me-up" to enlighten my soul a little bit. It was a fun night, but next time I'm dragging some girl friends with me. You can find more of my photo adventures HERE on my Instagram feed.

Flea Market Finds: Also in my journey to update my front room, I scored this fabulous $50 trunk at our local antique mall. I went in with a $50 budget and came out with this charming little blue trunk. (More about my living room to follow in July). I love the hunt for unique and "funky" pieces for my home. I like a touch of "old" or "used" to make the rooms feel a little more special. I'm also a sucker for pretty much any cool trunk, basket, chair, or antique oddity. It's kind of my happy place and where I go when I'm in need of some creative mojo even if I don't buy a single thing.

On the blog: Just in case you missed anything here on my blog this month, here's a round-up of all the items you might want to check out.

Videos: Don't forget that I have LOTS of videos to share each month including my weekly "Memories Made" videos, my "Seeing Double" video from 2Peas, some scrapbooking haul videos and more. This month I covered everything from stamping on a layout, to choosing photos, to using punches to create a unique paper background. Simply search my blog search button by "Memories Made" to find all the projects you might have missed. If you haven't yet had a chance to watch my Craft Room Tour, you can find that HERE on my Youtube channel.

Scrapbook & Cards Today Magazine: I was super excited to be published in this issue of SCT. I've begun filming monthly videos for them as well and I released two new videos on their Youtube channel HERE. You can find more inspiration from SCT HERE on their blog.

Tales of a Tract Home: I started a series on my blog about our adventures in purchasing and owning a tract home including our reasons for buying our home when we did and how we've approached tasks like putting in a yard. You can find these posts by searching for "Tales of a Tract Home" throughout my blog.

10 Mistakes EVERY Crafter Should Make: Afraid to make creative mistakes? Don't be! Often the biggest mistakes lead to true creativity. You can read this article HERE for my take on making mistakes as a crafter.

Beautiful People, Beautiful Things: This month I highlighted Leah Farquharson's fabulous Esty shop HERE on my blog. She was generous enough to give away a camera strap to one lucky winner and that winner is . . .

Watch for some exciting new things in July including new videos, new giveaways, and MORE! I hope you'll join in on the fun. If you prefer receiving these posts via email, be sure to leave your email in the box in my sidebar. I don't use those emails for anything except blog post emails. Or you can use blog readers such as bloglovin' to follow my blog in an RSS feed format. Thank you so much for spending part of your day with me. I truly love the time I spend with my readers. I hope you're enjoying your summer and spending as much time as you can with your loved ones. That's something I want more of this summer as well.

Here's to summer adventures!


  1. Aww, Jen, I am sorry about your week. Hoping you have a great weekend and next week is better. <3

    We don't do too much in the summer. It is a lot like yours of kids home and adults working. I am trying to do more family things and get out of the house. DH has been off work with a knee injury, so that hasn't helped. He goes back to work next week. We are trying to finish up some projects we started and sneak in some family time before he goes back. We are doing a vacation this year. Staying within our state and heading to Door County.. right up DH's alley. :) We are not from here, so we thought we should venture around WI a bit and see what it has to offer.

  2. I hope your week is improving too! I feel the same way about summer. My kids are sooo bored and I have pinned a bunch of summer crafty ideas to do with them, but unfortunately I'm finding it difficult to find the time with all the other scrappy deadlines I have. That trunk you found at the antique mall is awesome! Did you paint it that color or did they do it for you? I personally hate the chore of painting, but it really adds a lot to the character! :)

  3. Love your trunk find! and I can't wait to see your July posts about your new living room. I need some inspiration for our new space. ;)


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