May Recap: Things You Might Have Missed

Where has the time gone? How is it that May is already over? I can hardly believe that June officially starts tomorrow. I think I'm having some "summer is going too fast" anxiety. I know we've only been out of school for a week, but I already feel like I'm missing out on things.

Along those same lines, I thought I'd recap some of the projects and posts from May that you might have missed here on my blog.

Videos: I made a LOT of videos this month. You can find all my tutorials, scrapbooking haul, and start-to-finish videos HERE on my Youtube channel. I also introduced a new video series for Scrapbook and Cards Magazine called "Just Ask Jen" which you can find on their Youtube channel HERE.

Craft Room Tour: I shared an inside peek at my craft space with both a video tour and still photos of my room. You can find that post HERE.

Supporting Your Favorite Designer: I shared some insights HERE on how you can make sure your favorite designers keep posting great content and videos.

Hoarding Supplies Versus Using Supplies: I share a humorous discussion on how you can transition from a scrapbooking hoarder to a designer HERE. The comments make me laugh and gave me great insight into how other designers feel.

How to Select a Paper Crafting Class You'll Enjoy: I discuss how you can approach taking a workshop you might enjoy based on your learning style. Don't forget you can find all my 2Peas workshops HERE including my brand NEW workshop "Tool School," which shares over 100 ideas for how you can stretch and reuse your current tools.

It's been a busy month, and there's lot of topics I covered. If you don't want to miss a single blog entry, be sure to subscribe via email right below my "About Me" paragraph. That way my videos, projects, and posts come directly to your inbox each time I post. Then you can read the posts at your leisure. Or you can use blog readers like Blog Lovin' to read all your favorite bloggers' posts and create your own thread of great content.

I really appreciate all those that visit, comment, read, and share the content I have here on my blog. I recognize lots of faces that return often and feel like we're building a family of fellow crafters, Moms, women, and people who get this amazing way of connecting with family and friends across the globe. I just want to thank you for spending some of your day with me!


  1. I thoroughly enjoy your Memories Made videos. Well, all of your videos... You've been out of school a week??!! I am so jealous!! We have 8 more days!!! Too many snow days... and there were a few that didn't need to be snow days. If it weren't for those, we would be done next Wednesday. I have big plans of trying to really make the most of this summer break. :)
    (looks like the comment before mine is spam).

  2. Thanks for this re-cap. I am new to reading your blog and this was a nice intro to your ideas. I look forward to reading more and learning something along the way.


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