Beautiful People, Beautiful Things: Behind the Brand with Jennifer Henson

Welcome to my first ever "Beautiful People, Beautiful Things" blog post! I am constantly amazed at the talent people have in the crafting and art industries. I wanted to share some of these beautiful people's beautiful work with my readers. In these posts, I'll interview a special designer/artist. He or she will share their work, their shop, and more so you can get to know them a little bit better.

Please welcome Jennifer Henson to the blog today. Jenn is a mixed media artist with a scrapbooking and card making background. Known for using bit of things from here and there, Jennifer's work is always one-of-a-kind. Here's a little bit more about this fabulous designer.

Etsy Shop:  Jenn Henson Designs

What she makes:  I sell a variety of Mixed Media Art. Most of my art is done on canvas. I do have a few leather bracelets as well that I like to make with positive sayings stamped on them. I do a wide range of art, anything from nursery to abstract. I also take custom orders. Recently, I have done an old tree, lighthouse, sand dollar, and was also commissioned to do volunteer gift with a soup kitchen in Massachusetts.

(Jenn's creative space.)

The Backstory: I finally got the courage at the beginning of 2013 to open my Etsy shop. Many friends have been gifted a piece of my art and told me over and over that I need to sell it. I love making this type of art because in my scrapbooking I tend to want to make everything perfect, straight lines, placed just right,etc. In mixed media it's all about getting messy and if it doesn't come out perfect it's ok, it was meant to be that way.  I love to see people's faces when they pick up one of my pieces and try and figure out what it's made out of.  I get lots of questions as to what I use. I always reply "whatever is in front of me at that moment".  I never know what my finished piece is going to look like until almost the end.

All About You:  I started scrapbooking back in 2000, and I loved and still love everything about it.  I love all the stamps, paper, embellishments, etc. I use most of it in my art work. With my love of scrapbooking, came card making and it has just snowballed from there. When my husband deployed in 2011 for 10 months, I started to take some online classes for mixed media.  It had my interest and I also needed something to fill the time while he was gone. I found myself making some type of art everyday. I was art journaling, sketching ideas, or putting it down on canvas. I love the feel of the glue and paint on my hands.  I still need to learn to wear an apron while I paint as I have ruined way too many shirts and pants in the process.

Playing Favorites:  I wouldn't dare ask a designer to pick a favorite piece from their collection, as that would be like asking a mother to pick her favorite child. But I certainly can! I adore this sweet piece. I think it would lovely hanging in a little girl's room. Look closely at all the details and the texture Jenn has added to this piece. This is a perfect example of her eye for detail and special personalization on her work.

Seriously Social:  Want to find more of Jenn's beautiful work? Check out her social media links below:

A Special Discount Just for YOU: Jenn is offering this special discount for my blog readers ONLY. From now till June 17, 2013 receive 15% off total purchase.  Use coupon code: create15 to redeem your discount.

I want to thank Jennifer for sharing her work with us. I'm feeling so inspired by her talent, and I'm sure you will as well. Look for a new "Beautiful People, Beautiful Things" post next month!


  1. Anonymous1:31 PM

    Amazing work! So beautiful! :)

  2. Very beautiful stuff she has created! The little girl is my fave too :)

  3. beautiful work!! love it :) and love this new feature :)


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