Teaching in Hawaii

Yeah. Pinch me. I had the most fabulous opportunity to go and teach in Hawaii this month. With all the cool weather and snow, I was thrilled for the chance to get away. And since my husband and I will celebrate our 20th anniversary next month, I brought him along with me.

I've already told you many times that I really hate flying, which is hilarious since I've flown so many times in the past few years. Those friends and family members who have flown with me can attest to my dislike of flying. Don't expect me to chat it up with you on the plane. I cover my head with a blanket, and I sleep the entire time. If we ever invent Star Trek transporters, I will be ALL over that.

We landed on Oahu around 5:30 p.m. You have to love an airport that is confident enough in its weather to be outside. Who doesn't want to be welcomed by warm, humid breezes after breathing airline air for the past seven hours?

I worked three of the days of our trip, teaching Creative Coordinators for the island's Ben Franklin stores. I also filmed with them, and then shared make and takes in two different locations on Saturday. Although I always feel some nerves before teaching (which is due to the perfectionist in me), I absolutely LOVE interacting with the students. I love to see their excitement over new products or new techniques.

In between I tried really hard to squeeze in some beach time. We stayed at the Ala Moana hotel, which is just 10 minutes walk from the ocean and right next to the local mall. Pretty great location when you might get rain or you might get sunshine.

The hubster went diving while I worked (lucky guy). I love his daring, adventurous spirit. I wonder how in the world sometimes he ended up with scaredy cat like me. I prefer a good book on the beach to the underwater discovery he enjoyed.

Unfortunately the two days I had off, it rained. And when I say rain, I mean it POURED during a good portion of the day. So we drove around the island and visited some sites where it wouldn't matter that it was dripping and chilly.

I was really sad about coming home from this trip. Again leaving the ocean about killed me. It's a good thing I love my kids so much, or I might not have come back at all.


  1. What an awesome trip!!! So beautiful! love your photos..thanks for sharing pretty lady!! :)

  2. I was SO thrilled to meet you in person! I am glad you enjoyed your trip, sorry about the rain!


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