Product Focus Week #14: Beach Collections

Welcome to this week's Product Focus." In these weekly blog posts, I'll share a scrapbooking product or product type I'm particularly drawn to, and then share some ways I've used the product in a project. I'll point out tips and tricks for using the product, share some of my favorite products from that product line, and then I'll open it up for any questions you might have. I'd also love to hear your reviews or uses for the product type I focus on each week. This is a chance for you to pull out products you already own and play with them or for you to discover new products you might not yet have tried.

We're planning a vacation to a few beaches this year, and it got me thinking about ways I could document our memories or ways we can celebrate these fun events. Using beach products seems like a perfect way to highlight our favorite moments from our getaways. Beach items are available from several manufacturers. Today I wanted to share a few ideas for using beach elements on your projects.

Here are a few of my favorite beach collections and elements (click the photos for links to the products). You can also search by "beach" or "travel" at 2Peas to find products perfect for any aged boy:

Below you will find a gallery of projects that use papers and embellishments from a variety of beach and travel collections. Hopefully these will give you some new ideas for using these items on your layouts.

Idea #1: Alter a wooden box to contain your beach mementos.

(Source: C-Thru Ruler Company)

Idea #2: Use muted colors and elements for a soft waterside effect.

(Source: 2Peas)

Idea #3: Use travel themed papers to create a fun hook for your beach bag.

(Source: C-Thru Ruler Company)

Do you have a collection you particularly love for beach memories? Care to share it? If you have a question about this post, please leave it within the comments section below. I may just answer some of them in an upcoming "Product Focus" post.


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  2. I just love your beach layout. Those scenic photos are so beautiful and dreamy. :)

    2peas: sassiescrapper


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