Our Spring Break Trip

While I am finally home from Hawaii, I haven't yet shared my adventures in Georgia and Florida yet. For the past year I've been saving to take my kids and hubby to the coast. We lived in Savannah, Georgia for four years; and we loved living the near the ocean. Both kids were a little nervous about flying. Kate hasn't flown since she was very little and didn't remember it, and this was James's first time. He was easily distracted by the ipad, and Kate listened to her ipod most of the way. Thank goodness for modern technology!

We flew into Jacksonsville, Florida since that is halfway between Savannah and Orlando. It was amazing to wake up on Tybee Island each  morning. This was the view from our balcony each day.

The beach was chilly and not quite as warm as it used to be in April, but we were so happy to be at the ocean that we just breathed in the cool sea air and exhaled all the stress of the months before preparing for the trip.

We also visited downtown Savannah. We saw a wedding in Forsyth Park, stopped in at the Candy Shoppe, and drove by our old haunts. It reminded Kate of her love for Georgia. I think she'll be back at some point.

After staying in Tybee for a few days, we drove down to Orlando to do Disneyworld. Why I thought Disneyworld would be relaxing is beyond me, but we had a great time together.

When we arrived at the park, I discovered that I had purchased five tickets instead of four. I guess I was counting Joey in the number of tickets. It was sweet to think he might be with us even in spirit. After we got our tickets reimbursed, we walked out to a bush filled with Gardenias. That was his favorite flower, and just one more reminder that he is with always.

This is our first trip to Disney without a child in a stroller. It was so different (in a good way) to just be able to walk to wherever we wanted to and go and stay as we pleased. I have terrible motion sickness so I don't ride many things, but the kids and Brett got to ride everything they wanted (despite the enormous crowds).

It was a wonderful trip full of lots of laughter and amazing memories, and that is my favorite part of vacations: having the kids to myself to make those memories!


  1. Sounds like you had a great time. I know you have said you aren't a fan of flying. I hope it was a nice, turbulent free trip. and yeah... Disney not so relaxing. LOL We were down last June for 8days. Sure was nice to get away though. Oh that look on James face. LOL My 6 yr, he makes that face all.the.time. LOL A boy of many expressions he is. Kate looks like she is on one of those Star Wars things. I totally didn't catch anything Star Wars last year. So wish I would of!! Ben is such a huge fan! I have seen the original 3 movies a zillion times in the last 6 mo. LOL

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  3. Anonymous7:59 PM

    Great pics! Cannot wait to see what you create.

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  5. Looking forward to layouts with vacation pics.


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