Jen's Jumpstart Video Tutorial: Twine

Looking for a quick video on a product or tool you've been wondering about? The "Jen's Jumpstarts" video series focuses on a product or tool that I've recently tried. This is a great option when you only have a little time, but want to learn something new.

This week's product focus: Twine

Twine comes in a variety of styles, thicknesses, and colors. You can use it to:
1. Tie pennants together.
2. String polaroids across the page.
3. Wrap around an element.
4. Outline a shape

Watch the quick video below (or HERE on my Youtube channel) for some suggestions on how you can use these alterable stickers:

Below I've suggested several types of "Twine." You can search by "twine" HERE in the 2Peas store for additional ideas.

Suggested Products (click the photos for product information):


  1. Can't get your full video I get nearly 2 mins worth of vid. Then I see your vid has five mins I click on it and get nothing just the ending pop up videos, so I clicked on YouTube to watch and I got two mins. ....up to you showing the American crafts Twine Jennifer.
    I'll be back later to check it out, just wanted to let you know there was a problem.

  2. TFS Jennifer! glad I got to watch. :D

  3. Scrapthat, I'm not sure what wasn't working. :( I'm so sorry and thank you so much for letting me know there was a problem. Is it working for you now?


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