Blog I Love to Read

Clearly if you're reading this, you enjoy reading blogs. So today I thought it might be fun to share some links to some of my favorite blogs I enjoy visiting regularly.

* Karen Russell (an amazing photographer who tells her family's life story through photos)
* Nichol Magourk (I am as much a fan of her work as you already are.)
* Inspiration Ave. (Amy Yingling's blog. A designer for Stampin' Up.)
* Betsy Veldman (a card making genius)
* Dawn McVey (another amazing card designer)
* Elsie (this girl just lives so creatively)
* Nicole Samuels (I just love the way she works the Studio Calico kits)
* Jen Johner (this girl has such dreamy photographs)
* Laura Kurz (I dare you not to laugh at her real-life storytelling)
* Laura Vegas (This girl can design. Seriously!)
* Lisa Truesdell (Awesome photographer. On-trend designer.)
* Maggie Holmes (Photographer turned product designer.)
* Nicole Harper (She makes me laugh, and she's a darn good designer.)
* Poppy Paperie (Lisa Johnson's beautiful stamping blog.)
* Simple as That (Rebecca Cooper's dreamy photography/lifestyle blog)
* Robyn Werlich (I'm her biggest fan.)
* Sasha Farina (the color and stitching queen)
* Susan Weinroth (beautiful photos, awesome scrapbooker)
* Tania Willis (Beautiful design, great videos)
* Vicki Boutin (Great teacher, awesome friend)

Also check out the blogs I work with professionally:

* Echo Park Paper
* Carta Bella Paper
* Two Peas In a Bucket (While you're there check out all my lovely Garden Girl buddies' blogs. They are AMAZING designers.

It is impossible to list all the blogs I read. There are so many talented people out there! If you have a blog you particularly love (including your own), please share. Just leave the link in the comments below. I'm ready to be inspired. :)


  1. I love love love Karen's blog and aspire to be as good of a photographer as she is. Nichol, love her pages and cards. I read hers too. I like Nancy's (Damiano) and Lynn Ghahary's too. You three are so inspiring. I love all your pages.

  2. I love the videos Kristina Werner make in their blog ( and Jennifer McGuire ( also make lovely cards.

    My blog is I'm more a cardmaker than a scrapbooker.


    I love the blog above. It is in French but the photos of the beautiful projects are in a universal language.


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