How to Find Me!

Ever feel like the web is a big game of "Hide and Seek"? Sometimes it's difficult to find exactly what you're looking for. I thought it would be helpful to point out ways that you can find my projects, videos, and classes/workshops. That way you can easily keep track of the things you want to on my blog.

Following My Blog:

If you want to receive my blog via email, meaning it pops up in your inbox each day that I post, then add your email address to the first box shown below (see the "Follow by Email" box in the right sidebar of my blog). I don't sell or use your email in any other way, so you're safe to leave it:

If you want to subscribe to my blog via a reader, then click the "Subscribe to Insitefull" button. This will include my blog in your preferred reader so you can read my posts at your leisure.

You can also click either of the "Join this site" or "Follow this blog" buttons shown below to be one of my blog followers. These boxes are found on the bottom part of the right sidebar of my blog. Simply decide how you best like to receive information from my blog. It's up to YOU!

Following Me On Pinterest and Twitter:

You can also see the buttons for following me on "Pinterest" or "Twitter." I'd love to see you on both. Simply click the buttons (shown above and in my right sidebar) and follow directions.

Watch a Video I've Created:

To watch a video I've created, I suggest subscribing to my YouTube channel HERE. Then you'll be instantly notified when I add a new video. I try to update my playlists for EP TV, 2Peas Videos, my haul videos, or my general tutorial videos "Jen's Jumpstarts." You can also click the photos in this part of my sidebar for a specific video series.

Take a Workshop or Class from Me:

You can find me teaching classes at 2Peas, TrueScrap, and Big Picture Classes. Again, you can find me at each individual website, or simply click the workshop/class you interested in on the right sidebar menu. The links will take you to the class descriptions. Then you can decide what class/workshop you'd like to take and purchase when you're ready. I will be adding new classes in 2013 so keep an eye out!

Upcoming Events:

I hope you'll join in on the fun I have planned for 2013. Watch for a Valentine event in January, new classes, free printable PDFs, project videos, and MORE! 2013 is shaping up to be an exciting year of creative fun.

This year I'll be helping to host a new video segment for 2Peas called "Seeing Double." Here's the description: 

Seeing Double is all about getting a lot of mileage out of your supplies.  See how the Garden Girls use the same design element in both a scrapbook layout and card or tag.  Taught by Jen Gallacher, Laura Craigie, Lynn Ghahary and Lisa Dickinson.

I hope you'll stop by each Friday to check out the new projects! 


  1. Love your videos :) Happy to see it's coming back on 2013 :)

  2. Jen- you are everywhere- lucky us!

    I am so excited for what 2013 will bring and so excited to have a hoby that I love so much and so glad there is lots of sharing everywhere.

    Happy New Year and I will continue to follow your blog everyday, but I will be commenting more to show my apprecation for all your hard work.

    I am in the process of scaling down blogs, but your is at the TOP of the list...warm smiles!

  3. Hi Jenn. I am one of those people who gets overwhelmed by too much information and find myself giving up before I even try. Thanks for this helpful guide. I was wondering if I subscribe to your YouTube channel will I be notified of all of your videos or do I need to track you down at some of the other sites as well? Thanks for all you do. Sue

  4. Susan, I will be adding my videos from other places to my channel so you should receive notification of them there. :)


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