Creating Lists: A 2Peas Project

I wanted to share a different idea for how you can incorporate a “list” on your layout. One way is to divide the journaling into sentences that make up the list. Be creative in your journaling. Rather than just a few words, try descriptive words, or a poem. To delineate your list, try using number stickers, die cut shapes, or even numbered brads like I've used here.

When stretching a layout to a double-page spread, make sure elements are repeated on both sides of the page.

You can find additional photos and details about this project HERE at 2Peas.

Below I've included a few additional ideas for products that would make great “lists” on your next layout! 

Suggested Products (click the photos for links to the products):

1 comment

  1. GREAT layout Jen- love the color scheme and all the details that makes your pages really stand out-
    RIGHT into my FAV folder-thanks for sharing.


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