Seasonal Sampler Day #3: Holiday Pinterest Board

Welcome to Day #3 of the FREE Seasonal Sampler blog event. I've been busy pinning awesome home decor, gift, and holiday craft ideas on a special Pinterest board just for you! You can find my holiday board HERE.

Here's a little peek at what you might find on this board:

Pinterest is a great resource for holiday decorating, gift giving, and so much more! If you haven't yet joined, be sure to do so! I promise you'll be constantly inspired by all the ideas you find.

Here's just one project I loved that uses the super hot trend of yarn wrapping. What a beautiful wreath this would make:

Want to see more of my Pins? Make sure you're following me on my board HERE!


  1. Oh but I am already following you, Miss Jen!!! :-) I will say though that I hardly ever see any of your pins when you pin them because of the time zones they aren't on the home page when I get up in the morning :-(. Nearly everybody that I follow is awake and pinning when I am asleep. Stupid time zones ;-) I love that Christmas door with the lights around it. **sigh** Beautiful, peaceful and welcoming. Can't wait till Christmas -Only 49 sleeps :-)

  2. Will go through them all later with a nice cup of coffee and see what I want to repin...I have thousands of pins already so I'm getting more selective now...teeheee


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