Thursday, November 01, 2012

Redecorating My Scrapbook Space

I've lived in this house for nearly six years now, and I'm very blessed to have one bedroom that is all mine to use as a scrapbook space. If you haven't already seen the old space, then I wanted to share it here. Red has been my go to accent color for years now so you'll see a lot of that in these photos:

Embellishment station.

The super plain, vanilla walls.

Where all the magic happens.

You can see it needed some personality. I'm currently working on redecorating the space. Here's a little sneak peek at what I'm working on:

Can you spot my new accent color?

Here's the dilemma I'm facing: do I paint the walls or leave them white? In the six years that we've lived here, I've painted two walls. Yep. I have commitment issues (plus every time I do start to decorate, we end up moving). So help me out! Tell me what color you have on the wall in your scrapbook space? Do you love it? Would you choose it again? I'd love to hear a few ideas. Or if you have photos to share, I'd love to see those as well. Just leave me a link to your space in the comments section below. I'm really hoping to finish up this room by the end of November. Then I'll share the final room photos with you. :)


  1. You have a great room, Jen. I see some green accents. :) My room is green. It is a mossy, sage green. Being in the basement with not as much natural light, I would like to lighten it up a bit. I have pics up at 2peas

  2. I have a spare bedroom that I use as well. My room used to be blue but I decided I wanted a more sophisticated space so I went with browns and neutrals (plus the countertop colours were limiting in my budget!). Here's the link to my blog post if you want to check it out!

    Good luck on the redesign! PS. I love the green!;)

  3. The wall color in my studio is Palladian Blue by Benjamin Moore. It's gorgeous!!! My desk and work tables are glossy black, and my storage shelves are white. I have brushed nickel lamps on each table. I love it! Have fun re-designing your space!

  4. What a great space! I think a sage green or a neice beige would warm up the space and compliment your red accents nicely. We built a new house recently and used Sherwin William's 'Kilim Beige' for all our walls that aren't a special color and I really love it. It's a nice neautral color that looks great with white trim and yet still bright enough that it doesn't feel depressingly dark in the winter (which is a problem for us in the NW). Our neighbors went one shade darker from the same paint strip and that's also a good option. I hate painting so for the majority of our spaces I wanted something that I could leave the same for years to come and just change the look of the rooms with accessories and decor. Can't wait to see what you do! :)

  5. Oops! I don't know where that extra "e" came from. I meant NICE beige. :)

  6. i would go with white. i think there is enough color with all of the paper, embellishments, ribbons, etc. that no additional color is needed. it is ok to add the green spots of color, but i wouldn't paint the room. now, other rooms in the house can be painted - don't forget that. even though you hate to paint, if you hate the color you have chosen, it can be repainted! enjoy your spaces!

  7. definitely add some colors or patterns to the wall(s)! can't wait to see the new space. :)

  8. ginny5:29 PM

    I painted my whole house a soft yellow. I love it! It's really a very easy color to live with(& yellow is my favorite color).

  9. JLBOhio9:58 PM

    I have a spare bedroom as well. The walls are a light lavender color. When we bought the house last year, it was already painted this color but I love it. Prior craft rooms were always white and it wasn't very inspiring. Go with something that moves you but doesn't distract you. Your green accents would go well in here... :)

  10. I'm lucky enough to have my own room downstairs so in theory I can still be part of the family while they go about their business. In reality I don't get time to go in there very often and when I do I tend to have little hangers-on! I love the pink and duck-egg blue colour scheme but I do love the green you have going on in yours. I went for white furniture so I could change things up if I wanted but I'm still looking for a pretty white swivel chair.... mind if I steal yours, its perfect!!


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