World Card Making Day

Today, all over the world, paper crafters will spend the day making cards. Don't you love how this hobby has brought so many of us together? I certainly do! I have friends in Ireland, England, South Africa, New Zealand, and so on and so on. I would never have met so many amazing people without this hobby!

So spend today with me making cards! Make a card for your child's teacher to thank them for all their hard work. Create a card for a family member. Send a stack of handmade cards to service men and women in the military. Cheer up a sick child with a card with a joke. There are so many ways to say "I care" with a card. Take some time today to do so!

Here are a few cards I've created over the years:

And if you're looking for additional card making ideas, be sure to check out the product suggestion list below! You can also find additional supplies HERE!

Card Making Supplies (click photos for links)


  1. I agree... I would have never met so many great people without this hobby too. :) Cute cards!!!

  2. Thanks for the great ideas for more card making opportunities! I love making cards. I think loving thoughts about the person I am creating it for and they always come out great (well mostly always). I get so many heartfelt "thank you's" from people when I send a handmade card. I have even received a thank you note "for the beautiful thank you note."


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