Tweet, Tweet, Tweet & Things I Love

It's true! I have joined the dark side and signed up for Twitter. I fought it for a VERY long time. See I don't have a smart phone (additional proof that I'm still living in the dark ages). The thought of updating my status by going to my computer really does NOT appeal to me; although, really I'm on my computer for about 10 hours a day so I don't know what I'm whining about. LOL!

Oh well. I think it's high time that I join in on all the fun.

If you'd like to follow me, I'm "JenGallacher." Give me some time to beef it up. Can I make up cool stuff like I'm having high tea with the Queen or that I'm sky diving from 8,000 feet? Wouldn't that be more interesting than just "I actually remembered to get milk today."

On another note, let's talk about things I'm loving right now. I love a lot of things. I have a lot of love to give. I LOVE peanut M&M's. I also love plain M&M's. I obviously love them more than I should by the groan of the scale every time I step on. Oh well. I'm loving like that.

Here's some other items I love:

Word Bubbles (like these earrings):


Which remind me of these:

 (source: 2Peas)


(Source: Zulily)

Which reminded me of this:

(Source: 2Peas)

Vintage Maps:

(source: Whistle)

Which reminded me of this (I so love these):

(Source: 2Peas)

Ok, now it's your turn. Point me in the direction of something you love. Did you find it on Pinterest? Is it something you discovered in your own home? Is it something that you papercrafted? Can I see it? I'd love a peek!

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  1. I have resisted Twitter too. I find the whole thing a bit confusing honestly (I think I'm getting old). I did join, but I hardly ever post to it.

    Love all the products you love--That sunray stamp would totally allow you to duplicate that image into a cute card--Now it's getting moved to the top of my list. ;)


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