Taking It Easy

Today I'm taking the day off from work to spend the day with the kids. They are on fall break, and we really need the time to recover from our lives right now. Do you ever feel that way? That life has gotten to the point where it's crept into every part of your being and is sucking you dry? I'm so feeling that way right now. So many good things going on, some hard things, some very difficult things. I'm grateful for my life and my family. I'm happy. I'm just tired. Sometimes too much of a good thing can be just as exhausting as tough things.

This weekend my husband ran the St. George Marathon. How does someone determine that they will be a runner? Do they just put on some running shoes and go out and do it? At what point do they become a runner? I'm not a runner. Frankly, I don't exercise at all (which is something I need to change). I want to feel better and healthier so I'm definitely impressed with the husbster's running goals.

This year he completed the Utah Grand Slam, which means he completed four marathons this year. People, that is 26.2 miles for EACH race. That's a lot of hours of running, several running shoes, and lots of ice baths. I'm so impressed with him!

We took my Mom and travelled down south to support him at the race. Here are the kids anxiously awaiting Dad's triumphant return:

And here he is coming down the road to the finish line, we were screaming our head off at this point:

And here he is proudly displaying his Grand Slam t-shirt, which he couldn't wait to pick up and show us after this long year of running:

There is something very special about watching your spouse (or your children) accomplish something. I always cry at these things. This year I cried a little more as I watched a runner push a gentleman across the finish line who was in a wheelchair. As they approached the finish line, the man in the wheelchair started yelling and waving his arms. I don't think there was a dry eye in the crowd. Now that is friendship and love! I'm really proud of Brett and grateful that he allows us to participate in these amazing races with him. Go, babe!


  1. Well done Brett! I can barely run round the block - let alone running a marathon!

  2. Definitely feeling that way (right now actually). Fall and back to school can be busy and you've definitely had a lot going on with all your classes and projects! I say we all take a week off. ;)

  3. I have definitely been feeling like life is going at a breakneck pace right now and it's not showing a lot of promise of slowing down much. My hubby's been training for a Spartan Race that's in a couple of weeks and I am amazed at his commitment and all the time he's put in running and cross-training (the race has lots of obstacles and challenges over an 8K distance.) Good for the guys and good for us for supporting them, because I know that is very important! Congrats to your hubby for such commitment this summer and good luck to you (and I) as we cope with all the busyness and trying to get ourselves into shape also!

  4. You are so right about the good stuff being exhausting too sometimes. I hope you manage to get your breath back.

  5. Anonymous6:43 AM

    I just blogged about the same thing. We all need to rest and renew.

  6. This makes me want to go out and run! I'm planning a 5k with my mom (age 53 -s he's awesome!) the week of Thanksgiving but I haven't trained because - duh!, I'd rather be scrapping! :oP

    Congrats to your "Hubsters!"


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