Journaling Class: Words Unsaid

A few months ago I released a new Mini Workshop through 2Peas called "Words Unsaid."I wanted to share a little bit more about this class with you. Years ago, I inherited my Grandmother's journals. I was so excited to learn about my grandma who lived hundreds of miles away. While I was thrilled to receive her journals, I was saddened to see that her journals did not contain anything about what she was thinking, who she really was, or gave me more details into the kind of woman she had become. Rather they focused on small details. I wanted to know MORE!

In my "Words Unsaid" workshop, I discuss how you can creatively add more meaningful journaling to your layouts. Does journaling have to be boring? I think not! The collaborative effort of journaling and creative design makes the process of journaling that much more enjoyable.

This class includes three half an hour videos in which I create several layouts start to finish. I also discuss why I chose to journal from that perspective and what products I chose to help support the theme of my layouts.

Here is the introductory video for this class:

Here are the sneak peeks of some of the layouts in this class:

Every single layout includes the complete supply list and some insight into the journaling process. I created a lovely, 43 page PDF which will walk you through the process of journaling those "unsaid words." The PDF can be downloaded to your favorite Electronic device or can be printed at your leisure. Here is a sneak peek at the PDF:

In addition to the three videos, and 43 page PDF, you will have access to a private message board forum. There we discuss more about the assignments and lessons. You can ask questions. I suggest additional ideas, and we just talk with one another. I try to look through every layout you create for this class and comment so you feel like you are making progress on your journaling.

I hope you'll join my workshop! I'd love to spend some more time with you discussing those "unsaid words" you still have left to share with those you love. Be sure to check out all the details of this class HERE


  1. I had a box of old photos of my grandmother's many years ago, which is why I started scrapbooking. They had nothing, no journaling. She didn't remember who some of the people were even. When it comes to journaling, I really lack in that dept. This will be a good class to take. :)

  2. is this a class where you can work at your own pace, or does it have a start and stop date?

  3. I took this class and enjoyed it. GREAT job, Jen!


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