Fall Fever

I have always felt that fall doesn't last quite long enough. When I start to notice the color on the mountains, I'm typically neck deep in school preparations. When I start to see the leaves within town changing color, my kids are too busy to be bothered for photos. Then suddenly I start to see newscasts that predict snow, and I start to panic a bit. I LOVE fall. Fall here is absolutely gorgeous. Near our home is a river with a beautiful walkway filled with Cottonwood trees. And while my allergies hate those trees in the spring and summer, I love them in the fall. This is what you'll see as you walk the pathway:

One afternoon, a lovely friend of mine posted a photo of hers on Facebook taken on this very walkway. The lighting was perfect! So without thinking too much about it, I picked up both kids from school and stopped to take some photos. I'm glad I did. Although it was crazy windy, I ended up with some lovely shots and memories.

James looks rather carefully down at the river. (He gets his fear of heights from his mother.)

Katelyn had just kissed James, and he is recovering. I promised not to show that picture (at least for now), but she's quite pleased with herself.

This is the one Katelyn chose for her Facebook profile photo. She specifically wanted one with her little brother. How sweet is that?

And I love the movement in this one. She was worried about wearing a pony tail, but I like capturing her at every angle. She's a beautiful girl full of sweetness and fun. (James had fallen down during the chase and was trying to crawl away from her as quickly as possible to avoid more kisses and photos of kisses. You have to love having a big sister who adores you.)

Sometimes it's just about making time. I definitely need to do more of that.


  1. I love these pictures! Katelyn is gorgeous. The interaction you captured with them is priceless.

  2. Awesome photos. I can't wait to see them scrapbooked. ;) You're kids are getting so big--I feel like we've all watched them grow up over the years and their changing from cute to beautiful! :)

  3. Love the pictures! I'm sure they make you smile every time you look at them. Looking forward to the layouts!

  4. Gorgeous scenery, gorgeous photos, gorgeous kids!
    A perfect day...you were wise not to let the memories of it slip past!!!

  5. I love when the kids get along so well. My middle is 14 and my littlest is going to be 6 in Dec. He too gets chased around, attacked with hugs and kisses... by everybody!! Not just his sissy.
    I am with you. Fall doesn't last long enough. We have had fall on and off. Today, it is more winter like with the temps in the 30's. We go from being cold with windchill factors to the 50's and 60's. The fickle weather is annoying.

  6. yes, you do need to make more time to play with the kids, they are just so precious and you deserve the break! Gorgeous photos that really tell a story and a GREAT reason to use that Fall Fever sticker!!! Love it :) I would love to see some fall foliage, but we don't really get much here and not for another month.

  7. The new look of your website is great. Beautiful photos of your children! So natural. It looks like you had a great time that day!

  8. JLBOhio10:02 PM

    What great pictures! That's wonderful that they have a fun relationship with each other!


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