2Peas Project: Her Family

Sometimes when I get my orders from 2Peas, I'll open the box and start playing with only the elements inside. Do you do this? Do you bring home your latest haul from the store and then sit down and get creative? There's something fun about meshing products together right when you get them (plus it beats putting them away and then forgetting where you put them).

This particular layout was from a recent order from 2Peas plus I added a few additional items from my stash to complete the look. I think it has the energy of my cute, teenage daughter and that works for me:

Here is a close-up view of the page:

(You can find the complete supply list and additional photos of this project HERE at 2Peas.)

Products Used (click photos for links to the products):


  1. I love this one!! I am always inspired when I visit your blog. Thank you for sharing :).


  3. stunning!! i love the contrast here, really awesome!

  4. this is a perfect example of why scrapbooking is so amazing. :)

  5. Love your color scheme and your use of the fun, energetic patterns! :)

  6. Love it! The JBS hang tags, and the red stars look amazing!


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