What I'm Loving Right Now!

Ever have an "off" day? That was me yesterday. My family was awakened at 3:30 a.m. to a loud crash. We discovered a large box of toys had fallen from a high shelf. My husband spent an hour checking out the house to see why it had fallen, and my nine year old son decided that he wasn't tired any more. Although, I've been known to get up that early I'm still recovering from CKU and just wasn't ready to get up that early. But when my sleep patterns are messed up, I really struggle to feel rested.

The boy was tired and weepy in the morning so I kept him home from school thinking he would take a nap later--NOT! Instead we left for his allergy appointment early. The appointment took almost three hours as they did the skin scratch test. The poor boy is allergic to grass, trees, and weeds. And of course he loves being outside so he is miserable all year long.

I could not get my day back. I worked and tried to put the house together but it was just a really weird day.

So today, I need a pick-me-up and decided to share FIVE things I'm loving right now. I'm also throwing in a little craft crossover because the things I love in my life tend to show up in my paper crafting projects. I'd love to hear some things you're loving too!



Cool Color Combinations:

Source: Chip It!

Bauble Necklaces:
Source: J Crew
Source: Design Milk
Already I feel a bit better. Something about little items like these that make you feel better. What kinds of things make you smile? I'd love to hear!


  1. I love the fall table scape you have on here. I love fall for the colors and the decor. Other than that, not a fan because winter follows and I dread the -30 below weather.
    I hope you are having a better day today.

  2. Oh man! That's not too far off from the time I go to bed so I wouldn't be too happy to wake up that early either. Also being allergic to grass, trees and weeds is brutal for a kid--Is there's some kind of solution/ medication suitable for children?

    Many of your favorites are my favorite right now too. I have the Studio Calico mistable leaves, the Honey Sweet Life collection and Pebbles Walnut Grove all in my basket right now at 2Peas. ;)

    Hope today is wonderful! :)

  3. Anonymous6:31 PM

    I've been having off days too. Waking up at 3:30am is happening way too often for me. Hopeyou get proper rest today.

  4. I am loving the cool mornings and the leaves changing and watching Sunday football with DH. And I'm itching to make some fall decorations with some of the new papers I've picked up - Simple Stories new fall line is perfect! Also...looking forward to the first batch of chili to really get fall started!

  5. excellent rubber stamp chocie,Jen!

  6. excellent rubber stamp chocie,Jen!


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