Fall Festival Day #5: Treat Bags

Ok. Fess up. You LOVE Halloween candy. I like to think that by eating several of the trick-or-treat sized candy bags, that I'm not really consuming that many calories. Certainly that has to the case, correct?

Today I'd like to share some candy container ideas with you. Really you can fill any container you already own or die cut or hand make your own. Simply fill it with some fun candy and then add some embellishments or a fun tag and you're good to go. Mass produce them for a party, or make only a few for family and friends.

Candy Corn Test Tube (test tubes from Martha Stewart)

"I've Got My Eyes On You" Treat Container (recycled packaging)

Bat Treat Bag

Die Cut Treat Bags & Recovered Mini Candy Bars

Candy Buckets

Treat Container Suggestions (click photos for product links):


  1. Super cute ideas! Thank you for the inspiration. Take care. :)

  2. So fun! Love the recycled packaging for the eyeballs with cute phrase. The test tube is also a great idea! Thanks for sharing your talent with us! :)


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