Blogger's Night Out With Gardener Village

I was super excited to be able to attend the "Bloggers Night Out with Gardener Village" last night. Bloggers from all over the area were invited to visit Gardener Village to get to know the shops and shop owners. We were greeted at Archibald's Restaurant with delicious appetizers: fried green tomatoes and spinach/artichoke dip.

Each blogger received a name tag and a card on which we could receive a stamp or signature from one of the shop owners. We hopped from one store to the next graciously greeted by the shop owners. Many of them provided us with lovely gifts. The event coordinators had provided us with a swag bag, which was completely filled by the end of the night. Here are a few highlights of my evening.

Sassy Babies is full of darling baby outfits and items. I have to admit that I fell in love with every store's displays as much as I did the merchandise. That is part of the experience when shopping at Gardener Village. Check out these little Halloween socks:

Next we visited Kamille's which is a knitting store. They hold classes, and one was in session while we visited. The beautiful skeins of yard always look so lovely and inviting. If you're wanting to try knitting, be sure to check them out!

Yesterday launched the Witchfest, a seasonal event in which Gardener Village decorates the area with witches. Many of the shop owners were dressed themselves, which made the event even more magical. Here are a few of my favorite witches (yep, sometimes even I get a little "witchy"):

At the Bead Farm, we got to make darling little earrings. I can't wait to give them to Kate! All the jars of beautiful beads beckoned to me.

Some of my favorite shops were those that contained decorations for the holidays: Celebrations by Modern Display was a particular favorite. I even bought a brand new bell jar from Upon the Shelf, which has lovely upscale, home decor items. Be sure to check that shop out! Here are some of my favorite holiday displays from the stores:

I completely fell in love with the quilting store, Pine Needles. Their giveaway was a bag full of chevron patterned fabric. I picked a happy yellow color and can't wait to make something with it. This is a store you must visit simply for their inspirational projects and displays. I wish I'd had an hour in the store:

I also love the home decor/home furnishings stores at the Village. Down to Earth happens to be one of my favorites, with their unique furnishings and beautiful accessories. I had to borrow this photo from their website to show you some of their offerings!

Here is a display inside the store that caught my eye:

We finished up the night with a chocolate fountain, which was too packed to partake of and several additional giveaways including a darling vintage bike from The Posh Peddler. Wendy Sue Anderson was my buddy and partner in crime and we had so much fun together!

If you have the chance to visit Gardener Village, I highly suggest that you do so. The shops are all in little buildings (thus the "Village" name). You'll want to take your camera. There are photo op's around every corner. Be sure to ask the shop owners BEFORE taking pictures as this was a special event to help promote the location. I had the most delightful time and can't wait to take my daughter back as I spotted several cute tops and jewelry for her at many of the shops. This is place to hang with your girlfriends so get a group together and make time to visit!

A special shout out to My Craft Channel for helping to host this amazing event. Thanks Kristine and Lori!


  1. That sounds like so much fun! I love Gardener Village!

  2. Love this collection sounds to be pretty fascinating...

  3. Love this idea so as to promote your items and ideas, a great platform to start off with...


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