2Peas Journaling Mini Workshop: Words Unsaid!

I've been working on something EXTRA special the past month. I've been putting together a mini workshop for 2Peas. I've wanted to create this class since I first launched my stamping class HERE. I have loved journaling since I was old enough to write and feel very strongly about the importance of including our words on the page. So I created a workshop that talks about the why, the what and the how of journaling on layouts. Introducing "Word Unsaid" a $12 Mini Workshop hosted by 2Peas:

Click HERE for more information on this $12 class!
Here's a little introductory video that discusses what you'll find in this class:

Here is a description of this class:

Memories fade quickly and making sure we include all our stories within our scrapbooks can seem daunting. In this Mini Workshop, Garden Girl Jen Gallacher shares her approach for meaningful journaling. Jen is a dedicated journal keeper and has kept personal journals for over 30 years (ever since she was old enough to write). Now she combines her love of record keeping with scrapbooking! This journaling-centered class covers topics from holidays, to day-to-day events, to family moments, and several often forgotten subjects.

Lessons include:
Chapter 1: Special Events
Chapter 2: Day-to-Day Living
Chapter 3: Stories to Remember

Each chapter includes 10 BRAND NEW layouts for a total of 30 layouts. An instructional video is provided for each chapter in which Jen discusses her philosophy on journaling each memory, as well as, her creative approach to journaling design. Each chapter video highlights the start-to-finish process of one of the chapter layouts. Watch Jen select the photos, journal her story, and complete a layout all under 30 minutes!

Beyond mere journaling, Jen discusses challenges to telling the story, creative methods for incorporating journaling on the page, and product suggestions for a fresh approach to journaling design. A helpful PDF is provided for each chapter and combines into a complete, comprehensive guide to meaningful journaling. Each layout is highlighted on its own page and includes the complete supply list, a close-up photo, and the approach to both documenting the story and the design of the journaling. Additional materials found within the PDF include topic ideas, journaling product ideas, and tips and tricks for journaling.

Whether you're an experienced writer looking to incorporate journaling into your scrapbooks, or you struggle with knowing what to say on your pages, this workshop's for you! Never leave "words unsaid" again!

The content of this workshop will be available immediately upon purchase. The lessons are available for you to work at your own pace and upon purchase can be accessed in the "Workshops" section under "Classes & Events." A private message board forum is also available to ask questions of both Jen and to connect with other participants. Enjoy!

And here is a sneak peek at some of the journaling approaches you will find in this class:

I hope you'll join me for this exciting new workshop! If you're looking to add more or even just more meaningful journaling to your layouts, then this class is for YOU! Check it out HERE!!


  1. Is this workshop different than your True Scrap class? I took that one and will definitely take this as well if it's different layouts.

  2. Yes. This is a class that's designed to help you journal about topics, as well as, journaling design. It's a little heavier on topics you might not have covered and how to approach those. And yes they are ALL new layouts. :)

  3. Looks awesome.. But girl, I am convinced you don't sleep... lol.


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