Places I NEED to Visit

I read somewhere that if you don't say out loud what you wish to accomplish that it becomes a fleeting thought rather than a goal you work towards. That being said, I have BIG plans for myself in the future. Although I despise, fear, and HATE flying, I plan on someday visiting these beautiful places.

Whether I do it through teaching paper crafting/scrapbooking, or whether Brett and I (and the kids) find ourselves longing for an exotic trip, these are just some of the places I MUST visit someday.

#1 Paris, France (Um, hello! I've been dreaming of this place since I took French I in Junior High, and I came close once when I was invited by my High School French teacher to accompany her for one summer. The parents nipped that idea in the bud as they did not know her well enough, which as a parent I can now fully appreciate.)

#2 Ireland (My husband and I both harbor a rather passionate curiosity about Ireland. We have ancestry from there, plus with our last name "Gallacher" we fill drawn to this place. I promise I'm coming someday, Ali!)

#3 England (It just seems natural to want to visit this historic place. So much culture and beauty in one place. I NEED to be here! Of course I will wait until AFTER the Olympics as I don't crave those large crowds of people.)

#4 New Zealand (Even if I hadn't watched the Lord of the Rings 8,000 times, I would want to visit this place. I hear it is breathtakingly beautiful and every person I've interacted with from here is as nice as can be. This will be a trip my husband will accompany me on.)

#5 Australia (This is a natural extension of New Zealand. I mean if you're going to be in that part of the world then you HAVE to skip over to Australia. The hard part? Picking what part of the beautiful country to see.)

#6 South Africa (I want to go on a Safari. Really I do. I'm sorry, but the Disneyworld Animal Kingdom safari ride just doesn't cut it. I want the real thing. I want to experience Africa as it once was with a guide to save and protect me from harm of course.)

#7 Sweden (Frankly any of the Nordic/Scandinavian countries interests me. What a beautiful heritage they have. And seriously their English is much better than many people here in America. They are a kind and gracious people, and every photo I've seen of these countries is stunning.)

#8 Anywhere in Europe (I can't name every country in Europe that I want to visit. That list would be tremendously long. Can't I just live there for a few years and travel all over the place? Brett and I dream of that--working or living in one of these countries. It would be difficult with the kids of course, but we love adventures like that. How better to see and experience a new place?)

This is the short list. I haven't even mentioned all the tropical locations that my husband wants to visit so he can scuba dive. And there are several countries I've also dreamed of experiencing such as Russia, Canada (I'm coming Anne of Green Gables!), Egypt, and South America.

If I tell you that I've never even poked one toe outside the US, you might understand my desire for exploring. Of course it will involve some real bravery on my part because frankly, I'm a bit of a scaredy cat. But now I've said it. I've put it out there in the universe that I hope to see the world. Someday with a bit of planning and LOTS of saving, I will do it! I will see all of these amazing places!


  1. All good choices. Paris and London are my fav cities - along with San Fran actually! Europe is so expensive for you Americans though and us Brits get such a good deal over there!

  2. Those look like wonderful vacation spots! I'd love to visit them with you! My dream trip is still NYC...*sigh*

  3. I will go to Prince Edward Island with you! Wouldn't that make a fun girls' trip?

  4. I went to Europe for the first (and only, so far!) time two years ago and it was the best thing I have ever done for myself. That is a great list of places and you will never regret going any of them! :)

  5. Those are some wonderful places. I have a longing to go to Ireland (my mother's side is mostly Irish). My father's side is Scandanavian (Norwegian and Swede). I have distant relatives there. I have always had a fascination with Australia. But I would really love to see the original 13 colonies and go to Williamsburg, VA and all the other historical places on the East Coast. To see Ellis Island where my great grandfather came through in the early 1900's from Norway would be something.

  6. Sweden is definitely on my list too. My great-grandparents emmigrated from Sweden and visitng the country is defintely on my "must do" list.

  7. oh my gosh, I have never heard Australia described as "a natural extension of New Zealand" before!! Down here it is usually kind of considered the other way around. But yes, New Zealand is gorgeous and
    Australia has many, many beautiful and amazing locations, the only down-side being that a lot of them are a long, long way apart!

  8. What an honor that you put Sweden on your list! You'll be most welcome here! Do you know why we speak such good english? We only put texting on all forain TV-programs and films, so we hear english every day.
    Tell me when you're coming and we can show you our part of the country

  9. You know I'm in for all of those, except maybe Paris - wasn't a fan, but maybe I would appreciate it more now that I am a bit more mature. And I absolutely LOVE French pastries - there is nothing like them. And what is all this husband business, wouldn't you rather go with a girlfriend? But if you move to Europe, I will come visit you at least once a year.

    Oh, and I'm going to hold you to this list. So we better start planning. :)


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