Finding Water Once Again

When we lived in Savannah, Georgia for four years we went as often as we could to the beach (and frankly not often enough). We loved the water. We realized then (my husband and I), that we need to be by the water. It brings us a great deal of happinesss. While I realize we'll likely never own beach-front property, we have been longing to get back to the water. Living at least a 12 hour drive from the nearest coast has not helped our desire to be near the water. It's so costly to drive to California any time we want to be by the water. We just can't do it.

Recently, however, my husband discovered a local beach just within an hours drive. It has white sand beaches, fairly warm water and is a lovely family lake. I think we might have discovered what we've been looking for all these years since moving from Georgia.

We spend last Friday here just enjoying one another's company.

James and Kate testing out the temperature of the water.

Using the truck as a wind block when the wind picked up and kept blowing away our paper plates and lawn chairs.

Yes. The beach actually had REAL sand. Oh the glory!

Brett and the kids renting a jet ski for the day while I read an entire book while leisurely lounging on the beach.

It was amazing, and we can't wait to go back! I may actually even give in and go camping--the first time in nearly 20 years of marriage. Crazy, right?! But to find something that was so wonderfully peaceful was exactly what we needed. I am already planning our next trip in my head. Perhaps even as I schedule this post we will be there on our first camping trip. Wish us well!


  1. It is so glorious to be near the water - whether it be the beach or a lake (with real sand!). Thankyou for reminding me how fortunate I am to live only a 2 minute walk away from the beach.

  2. It looks beautiful. Where is this at? We are going to Utah this fall for a visit with family, I'd love to explore it with them.

  3. That's great - I often take for granted that the water is so nearby (although it is still nearly 30 min away). Thanks for reminding me to appreciate the beach. Btw, definitely go camping. We started camping again a few years ago and love it! We have a Yosemite and Mammoth trip coming up next month. :)

  4. I love to be near water too, not so much in it though! Good luck with the camping. I'm just about to blog about our recent camping adventures...


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