Fast Friday Photo: Sport Photography

We just wrapped up the last game of our baseball season. Thank goodness as the temperatures were peaking in the low 100's. This season was a mixed bag. James asked to play, but then didn't really love it. We're firm believers in sticking with something once you start so we required he go to every game and practice to support the team. Some days he seemed to enjoy it. Others not so much. I must admit I was a nervous wreck any time he was at the plate. His little, knobby knees shook with nerves. He rarely swung at the ball, but since at this age the kids are just learning to pitch he actually got on base most times with a walk. It was a tough season both for him and his team who is on the younger side. Still we went to every game (at least one of us did), and cheered him on. He's got a long way to go, and we've got a lot to learn; but I'm super proud of him following through and doing his best. (And man, he looks cute in that uniform!)

Photography Tip: Watch for cool colored walls. This photo was taken in the dugout at one of his practices. No one cared that I was in the dugout at a practice. Watch though that the wall color doesn't reflect too much on the subject's face. I had to play with the colors a bit to tone down the magenta casts in this photo. (I think it still needs some work.)

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