2Peas Project: Trends "Office Supplies"

This month I elected to create a layout based on a trend I've been seeing recently in the gallery. One of my favorite trends is "Office Supplies." Ever since I was old enough to shop for paper clips, notebooks, pens and paper, I have loved supplies. You can find lots of different office supply products on the market today that are designed by scrapbook manufacturers.

Here is are some photos of office supplies that will help inspire you in this trend:

Here is the layout I created for 2Peas based on this trend (you can find additional photos of this project HERE at 2Peas):

Below are the products (and similar products) for creating this layout. Be sure to check out all of the options in the store HERE at 2Peas!

Supplies (click the photos to link to the suggested products):

1 comment

  1. this is awesome ... i love the layout and the trend! :)


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