Tuesday Tip: Shopping Trends

One of the easiest ways to mix and match products from manufacturers is to "shop" trends. Pick a pattern that is popular on paper such as the super popular hexagon right now. Or look for embellishments that showcase cameras. Search the store or your stash for papers with a wood finish. Then gather all those items together and layer to create a final layout. Here are some ideas of current trends:

Wood Papers:
Check out several options HERE!

Camera Papers/Embellishments:
Check out the choices HERE!

Banner Papers/Embellishments:
Check out all the options HERE!

Chevron Papers/Embellishments:
Check out all the choices HERE!

Additional trends include Zig Zag products, Indie-styled embellishments, and Tickets. Whether you purchase new items to add to your project, or you simply shop your own supplies to create your project, you will find that when you combine trends that matching comes more easily.

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