My Doodlebug Adventure

My sweet sister invited me along to the exciting Doodlebug National Scrapbook Day event this weekend. Sandy is the whole reason I got into this hobby and industry, and she "gets it" which I love. So nice to have her close by again so we can talk "shop."

I am going to "borrow" some of the photos from the Doodlebug Facebook because not all of my photos will do their amazing event justice. Be sure to check out their Facebook page HERE for even more photos and details about the event!

When I arrived, this was waiting on my desk. It was filled with an 8" X 8" album, stickers, magazines, and lots of additional goodies.

On my rotation, we headed into Stacy Julian's Workshop. I know Stacy; although, this is the first time we've been able to meet face-to-face. And I realized that I've never had the privilege of taking a class from her before. If you haven't, YOU NEED TO! She is motivational, fun, down-to-earth, and very honest about the memory keeping process. Be sure to check her out HERE on Big Picture. I took an entire page of notes and thought a lot about my personal reasons for memory keeping. It was eye opening and fun.

Then my sister and I headed down to the store. Yes. I said store! Apparently they put together this fabulous store inside their warehouse in just two weeks. We were able to directly purchase many of the Doodlebug products. Aww, the colorful rainbow of choices. We even got to purchase some brand new alphabet stickers that I have never before seen. I feel so special!

After shopping, we ate lunch in their super cute lunch room. This was the lunch we were served. See how cute everything was packaged? And so, so YUMMY!

Then we headed up to a classroom where we made four 8" X 8" pages full of color and whimsy. Wendy Smedly and Cynthea taught this class. They roamed around, interacted with the students, made us laugh, and gave away fabulous prizes. I won a package of glitter (be prepared for some glittered projects SOON!) Everything was precut and packaged making the design process quick and easy.

I also got to hang out with Garden Girl buddy, Wendy Sue Anderson. She is amazing, and I've decided that we need to hang out more often! (She's the cute blonde on the left in this photo.)

The entire event was well planned and amazing. I felt so spoiled and came home feeling creatively rejuvenated. I want to personally thank everyone involved in making this event so fabulous. As their offices indicate, this is a creative, family-oriented business; and I wish them all the best!

Here are some of my favorite Doodlebug Designs products! What Doodlebug products do you love?

Doodlebug Products I Love (click photos for links):


  1. How fun! It looks so bright and cheery, how could you NOT have a great time there?

  2. That was such a fun event. And thanks for posting the link to their Facebook page - I forgot to go look for the pictures they were taking!


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