2Peas Project: Epic!

Getting my daughter's braces off should have felt like an EPIC EVENT; however, it seemed just like another day in her teenage life. How does one get to be so grounded? I remember when I was a teenager back in the late 80's how devastated anyone was that had to have braces. I mean remember these?

I didn't ever get braces so I have no idea what it feels like to have your lip rub up against metal every day, or how you have to check for food particles before you smile, or how your diet is restricted from things like popcorn and gum. She weathered it perfectly. She actually loved them and never hid her darling "brace face" smile. I actually loved them on her too. Look how cute she looked with them on:

On the day they took them off, she was literally skipping into the orthodontist's office (I told you she was a confident child). They even laughed at her enthusiasm. I thought we would be there for hours, but they came off in a matter of minutes. She couldn't stop smiling. She kept rubbing her tongue along the smooth surfaces of the teeth. But as much as I thought she would continue to dance throughout the day, she stayed relatively calm. She's like that--taking life in stride.

So here is my tribute 2Peas Garden Girl page to her "Epic" day:

Here is a closeup of the project (you can find additional photos HERE at 2Peas):

And below are products (or similar products) I used to create this page. Note that I removed the backing from each of the pinwheels to make them work for my page theme (some of the colors didn't match to I removed that part).

Supplies (click photos for links):


  1. So true! And such an adorable layout!

  2. JLBOhio2:26 PM

    Love the page! That's great that she has such a wonderful attitude about everything!

  3. I love your layout and I can't believe that I have just about everything I need to make this adorable page in my craft room from http://roomstogrowusa.web12.hubspot.com/hobbyrooom/. I do believe that your photos tell it all about her great attitude.


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