Working on Schtuff

This has been a busy couple of weeks. Been working on something really BIG with Echo Park Paper that we're pretty excited about. Looks for details soon!

I really enjoy the opportunity of working with fabulous people in this industry. I've been working in some capacity in this industry since late 1997, whether it was writing, designing, editing, filming, teaching, etc. It is a perfect marriage of my love of writing, business, and creativity. I feel VERY blessed.

I thought it would be fun to share some of those people's blogs today. These people have inspired me (and these are just a FEW of them), encouraged me, mentored me, and generally been amazing to work with. I think you ought to check them out:

Laura Vegas (She and I met a few years back when she was in town for CK, and I'm a huge fan of her amazing work. She has a clean style and phenomenal photography.)

Kristine McKay (This woman can make something beautiful out of anything! We had the opportunity to film several episodes together when I worked for Northridge Publishing. I watched as she put together the completely amazing Craft TV network. I admire her gumption and go for it attitude. Plus I want to soak up some of her crafting genius.)

Leslie Ashe (She and I have never had the opportunity to meet, but I admire her and her work so much. Seriously you need to check out her work!)

Lisa Bearnson (I worked for her online QVC design group and had the opportunity to work directly with her a few times. She is genuine, giving, and kind. I really admire the way she shares herself with so many people.)

Tania Willis (Tania started a fund for my family when my son became ill with cancer. I had never met or interacted with her before then. She just sensed a need and took such good care of us. We became good friends through her loving efforts. She is an amazing crafter, a faithful friend, and one of those women that I just admire and look up to. She is a true soul.)

Kerri Bradford (Kerri is the woman who first introduced me to Lisa Bearnson. Kerri lives locally, and we've been able to work together on a few projects. Kerri is one of those creative geniuses that you just hope you can soak up some of their thought process to be even better at your job. She is funny and sweet and just wonderful.)

Tammy Morrill (Tammy was one of my Editor bosses at Northridge Publishing. She is creative, sweet, encouraging, and so fun to work with. It's her birthday today so stop by and say hello! I adore her and loved working with her.)

Stephanie Barnard (We have known each for YEARS when we first worked for PaperKuts Magazine. She has an amazing stamp company, and she is also one of those people you feel lucky to know. Be sure to check out her darling designs.)

In addition to these amazing women, I feel blessed to have my Garden Girl buddies (past and present), my Northridge Peeps, my PaperKuts peers, and every friend and person I've had the opportunity to meet on Design Teams, at conventions and tradeshows, through Facebook and my blog. I am very friend oriented so I feel super lucky to have so many amazing people in my circle of friends. Thanks to all of you!

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  1. Awwwww Jen! All I can say is right back atcha girl! You inspire me every day!



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