TuesdayTip: Publication Resubmitting

You might think after your project has been rejected for a call that it's over and done with. Not so! Sometimes they had more projects to choose from then they could accept. Sometimes they are looking for something specific but still liked your project. I typically give my projects the "Three strikes you're out" rule: I submit the project three times (whether to the same magazine for different calls at different times or to different magazines). After that I accept that no one really wants it. I have had items picked up on the second and even third try. So don't give up! Keep trying and submitting!

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  1. Thanks for that reminder Jen! One of my goals this year is to take the step to submit something to be published, I just haven't gotten up the courage just yet.

  2. I've never submitted but that is so good to know, just in case, thanks!


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