I Know It's Not October

But I just had to share one of my favorite published projects for Cricut Magazine. I still own a Cricut machine, and I have to say that I love the capabilities of the machine. One of the techniques that I enjoy is being able to create cool three dimensional items like this "Haunted House":

This house was published in the Cricut October issue last year. It is from a holiday cartridge "Winter Woodland." Wouldn't this same shape be cute for summer, spring, and even fall? Lots of fun things to do with a dimensional house. I even think it would be fun to fill the house with a tealight battery-powered candle to illuminate the windows at night (right now the inside contains folded yellow cardstock).

You can purchase this issue through Northridge Publishing HERE or download a digital copy HERE as well. If you enjoy working with your Cricut machine, be sure to check out all their submission calls HERE. When I worked as the Assistant Editor for this magazine, we were ALWAYS looking for fantastic and creative projects to publish. Perhaps it will be yours that gets selected!


  1. i love these magazines. i subscribe digitally and find i can access all the issues with one small monthly payment of all their magazines, it's so cost effective,
    jo xxx

  2. that house is so cute, I must check out digital subscribing


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