Fast Photo Friday: I Made This!

When your kids complete a project, be sure to take some close-up shots of the item. Move outside if the light is better. Take some photos of the project on a surface and then have your child hold up the item to give it a frame of reference. James and his Dad spent hours and hours with a Dremel tool to make this cool Halo Pinewood Derby car. They take their building pretty seriously.


  1. James, that car is WAYYYY cool! You're pretty good at building things! Happy Easter from Ireland.
    Give your Mom a hug from me :-)

    Ali xx

  2. Great job James! Thanks for sharing. I definitely need to start doing this.

  3. great Pinewood derby car...and i have seen a lot of pinewood derby cars in the last eight years as a Cub/Boy Scout son and daughter both cherished the time spent with grandpa perfecting their cars.


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