2Peas Project Share: Hello Spring!

It hasn't felt much like spring the past couple of weeks. We left for spring break, and this is what we drove away from:

Then we had 90 degree weather during our vacation, only to come back to mornings that required I run the furnace. I suppose that really is spring: unpredictable, warm one minute and cold the next. Either way I'm ready for the consistent warm spring that I love where flowers blossom and bloom.

Last week I had a 2Peas Project focusing on Spring that I wanted to share with you today. It combines photos from a few years but I love the florals that come up in spring. I also dropped in a photo of my son during spring time to remember how small he once was:

To see additional photos of this projects be sure to check it out HERE at 2Peas!
Supplies (click photos for links):


  1. You must be a mind reader! I was just thinking about you not 15 mins ago! Hope you are ok-ish today :-(.

    The weather around here is crazy too. We had a mini-heatwave here about 3 weeks ago and since then we have had snow flurries and a lot of hailstones. This morning we had hail. The flowers don't know whether they are coming or going!! Heat, cold, heat, cold.... LOL

  2. love this! such happy colors! and that cut out is fab!

  3. Jen, I am a huge fan of your work. I love how simple but absolutely beautiful your layouts are, and your choice of colors make me happy :)
    Couuld you share with us what photo corners you use? Is it a die, or are they premade?
    Keep up the good work and may the Lord bless you always!

    P.s. I loved you Two Peas stamping class!

  4. I use Canson photo corners. I believe you can get through Amazon. :)


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