Family Time or FHE

Every Monday we gather our little family and do something together. We call it FHE (Family Home Evening). We might sit together and have a discussion about the gospel and our church. We might play a highly competitive board game. We might take a drive for some ice cream. Last night we went as a family out to dinner to celebrate the Little Man's upcoming 9th birthday. Although we're a perfectly normal family that disagrees, annoys one another, gets upset (and more than one of those events occured last night), we do also have moments (however brief) of sweet, family bonding.

There are times when we're driving and everyone breaks out into "Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer" (even the teenager). There are times when I catch the two kids snuggling or hear them say "I love you." There are times when I watch the teenager lean into her dad to have him wrap his arms around her. Or the Little Man tells me that I'm the "best Mom EVER!" I live for those moments.

When we realized that we were going to lose Joseph to cancer, we couldn't get enough of those moments. We tried to collect them and store them up. And while that's not entirely possible to do, it is interesting that when we talk about our family we talk about times we were together.

Taking my teenager to register at  her high school and watching her walk out of the school doors with her friends made me both excited for her and a little sad. My time with her living in our home, under our roof is dwindling. Those times where we can all just pick up, and load up in the car, and set off on some adventure are ending. And while we still have three years before she graduates, I'll tell you right now: IT'S NOT ENOUGH!

Here is a layout about teenager. Katelyn is a huge blessing in our lives, as have been all of our children. We are so grateful that we get to be her parents. We couldn't be more proud of who she is and who she is becoming. And after a night of family fun, I'm reminded of all the reasons why I'm so happy as their mother.

Love you, Kate!

(This layout was created for the November 2011, Scrapbook Trends Magazine for my "How To" article. You can find this issue HERE through Northridge Publishing.)


  1. Oh Jen, I KNOW how you feel. My daughter is a year younger. She will be starting high school next year (it's 9-12 here). I am sad. I know it goes in a blink of an eye. I have one that graduated from high school 6 years ago already! My "baby" starts kindergarten in the fall. Back at the beginning of this year, I said I only have 9 more months with him. Last night, talking to a friend, I realized that is now only 5 months before he is gone almost 9 hrs/day for 9 mo. I am just not ready. Not ready for my 2nd daughter to graduate and go off to college or for my youngest to start school. With each one the time goes by faster.

    Your page is super cute, as they all are!!!

  2. Jen...what a beautiful page and I loved reading your thoughts. Chase is 17 and only has 1 year left so this same thing is hitting me real, real hard right now. I want to cherish these family times even more now.


  3. such a beautiful layout, jen! it's crazy how time flies...i'm hanging onto to those moments over here too and even though mine are still little, i know they won't be for long. xo


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