I am afraid my kids are doomed to have allergies. I have them. My husband has them. As far back as I can go, at least on my side of the family, there are allergies.

Allergies for trees.
Allergies for grass.
Allergies for animals.
Allergies for food.
Allergies for medication.

And then you get to add asthma to the mix. Joseph, my oldest, had asthma on top of everything else he suffered through.

I'm pretty sure my youngest, James, has it as well. I'm making an appointment with our doctor for some testing.

What does that all mean?

It means that when the sun starts shining, we all start sneezing.
It means that when we go out to breakfast, we have to avoid eggs at all cost.
It means that we own a breathing machine for late-night asthma treatments.
It means that we make late-night trips to the after-hours clinic and sometimes to the hospital.

And it means that sometimes I wake up to discover that certain little men have developed an allergy to their antibiotic. (Wonder where he gets that from?)

I always get excited for Spring until I remember . . . ALLERGIES!!


  1. How aweful. Totally feel for you all

  2. I totally feel your pain! Have you done allergy shots? They take a while but really work. I have been putting off getting retested since we move but am going to have to break down soon and start all over....

  3. Poor kiddo! I look like that after I take Benadryll, of all things.

  4. Have you looked into NAET? It sounds stupid and seems stupid. BUT I went to someone and got rid of a terrible allergy to deadly nightshades.

  5. Omgoodness, poor baby.

  6. oh, you poor thing and your poor kiddos - no fun! I don't have terrible allergies but my husband has them terribly and I'm afraid my daughter does too - one time she was bit by a mosquito on her little forehead and it swelled up the size of a softball then a day later her eyes swelled shut - awful!! Hope you all get some relief at the allergist!


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