Memory Keeping Monday Video: "A Great Life"

I do have a great life. I was thinking this the other night as I said my prayers before heading to bed. Right now my children, husband, and I are all healthy. After many years of Joey's terrible health issues and cancer, that is a HUGE blessing in our lives. We used to make at least one visit to the hospital each year for either a breathing issue for his asthma or for dehydration due to the flu. We have been blessed to have good health for a while now. Right now we have good employment. In today's economy, I recognize what a blessing that is. Right now I have both my parents whom I love and most of my family is close by. I am very blessed and could go on and on with the things that are right in my world right now.

That doesn't mean we don't have our trials. In many other ways, this has been a difficult couple of months as I stretch my wings and try to fly a bit higher. There have definitely been some painful bumps along the way. I'm a normal person. I get down. I feel sad. I make mistakes. I hurt people that I care about. I try (and I emphasize the word "try") to dust myself off and get back up. I even sometimes fail at that, but if I look at the big picture then I realize just how good things are right now. And after many years of it not being so great, I'm trying to really appreciate that.

I want my kids to have a great life too! Just yesterday my 15 year old daughter had her braces removed. I'm going to admit right now that I cried. Of course I'm ecstatic for her, but it's another sign that she will soon spread her own wings and leave the nest. That kills me just a little bit inside so that's why I had a sad reaction. She understands, but she laughed a little. I'm truly glad she's happy!

This layout celebrates her great life. For this week's 2Peas "Memory Keeping Monday" I used premade diecuts as the basis for this layout. Every rectangle on this layout was measured and cut at the same size as the Jenni Bowlin Bingo cards. That's a great way to create a grid (use something already designed). I also "married" all the elements by rubbing the edges of them with brown stamping ink--a quick and easy way to make a cohesive looking project.

Here is a close-up photo of the layout:

And here is the helpful video I created completing this layout start-to-finish:

Be sure to check out all the photos of this project here at 2Peas!
Supplies: (click the photos for links)


  1. great video! can't wait to try this!

  2. I think you're wonderful Jen! And so inspiring too.

  3. Love your layout and video. Love the story behind it on being thankful for a great life. very inspiring.


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