Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I Am One Lucky Aunt!

It's funny. Before I was married I longed to have children. I knew that I wanted to be a mother and could already sense that there might be little spirits waiting to be mine. And although motherhood has not always been what I thought it would be (let's face it--sometimes it's rough), I am so happy as a mother to my three beautiful children.

What I did not dream about, perhaps because I could not imagine large enough, was how much I would come to love my nieces and nephews. I am blessed with two sisters and two brothers. And from those siblings I have five nephews and four nieces. That isn't counting my husband's family and their beautiful families. As an Aunt I have had the opportunity to babysit (as I am the oldest child in my own family) and interact with these children from the time they were born.

No one explained to me that I would instantly fall in love with them. No one warned me that when their parents took them back home that I would miss them terribly. And I certainly had no clue of how much I would come to enjoy being with them. Being an Aunt is the icing on a delectable cake. I enjoy every opportunity to interact with my nieces and nephews.

Now that my sister has moved back to the same state in which I reside, I get to see her kids a whole lot more (although still not as much as I would like). I have found that her youngest, Aspen, has a tremendous sense of humor and is sweet as can be. I created this page all about the wonder that is she:

You can find additional photos of this project in my 2Peas gallery here. This picture perfectly captures just how funny she can be. Man, I love that girl!

Supplies: (Click photos for links to the products used in this layout.)


  1. What a cute and lively layout!

  2. this is a FUN layout!

  3. oh i love this post jen! i feel the same way about being an auntie!

    wonderful layout!

  4. this is such a great layout!! love the colors so much

  5. Jen, I love this post! You took the words right out of my mouth! I'm working on a similar layout about my nieces and nephews! I'm the oldest as well and am blessed to live within 15 miles of all my siblings and their kids. Being an Auntie truly is icing on the cake!!!

  6. Love the grid design. You are right, being an aunt is awesome

  7. I know what yo u mean, I am totally in love with my niece and nephews!!! I miss them everyday of my life since we are so far away!

  8. SUCH great colours and I love the blocks.


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