Jen's Jumpstart Video: American Crafts Knock Out Tool

I am a sucker for border punches. Of course, I did own a plethora of decorative scissors back in the day (does that date me?). What I love about border punches in the ability to get a perfectly straight border strip. Seriously. I love that! Those scissors were so hard to get straight (although I do still own a few).

I recently purchased the new American Crafts "Knock Out" tool and wanted to give it a try. I thought a helpful video might be fun so you could see how this whole concept works. In the video, I show you how to put the tool to use. Then I created the following card to help you see how nicely a border strip can dress up your project:

Here is a close-up shot of the card:

Here is the tutorial video:

Supplies: (Click the photos for links to these products.)


  1. Great card!!! I'd love to know which Ali set that stamp is from. ;)

  2. The stamp is from this set:

    It's called "Love Always Wins."

  3. What a cool new tool! Thx for sharing

  4. Roz R.7:28 AM

    I'm a new fan ! ! ! Love your videos. You're full of ideas that I can use for my style. This is a great card. Love this border punch system. This is going on my "Must have list"

  5. fantastic video! i am in love with these punches.


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