Snow Sports

You might be thinking when I say "snow sports" that I'm talking about skiing, sledding, or ice skating. But in our neck of the woods all you need is the snow to melt off the road and then you can play sports like basketball. You can even learn to dribble on a particularly hard pack of snow. James displayed this skill last year when he received a new basketball. I joined him in spirit as I lack all forms of althleticism (I was a dancer in high school).

I created this layout for 2Peas about his adventures:

These dimensional stars are super hot right now and only take a five point star shape and a scoring tool. Love the simple ways you can dimension and detail to your pages:

You can find additional photos at 2Peas here.

Supplies: (Click photos for links.)


  1. Love those stars! I will be trying them out soon!

  2. what darling pictures! GREAT layout too!

  3. I love your layouts and would like to invite you to join my design team at We have weekly challenges for the design team members. I am looking to add to the design team in 2012 and would love to add more layouts to the site. Please email me at My facebook page is sweetsassydiva.

    Bobbi Jo Sweetsassydiva


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